Your partner in STEM

Science, technology, engineering and math

Lethbridge College invites you to be our partner in encouraging an interest in STEM in students in kindergarten through Grade 12.

Our trades instructors have been working with Westwind School Division teachers to create fantastic resources for authentic K–12 STEM learning. Here you’ll find videos, lesson activities, guest speakers, and field opportunities to show your students how math and science are really used in our everyday lives.

Check back often—we’re always adding new resources!


Check out our collection of tool kits, ready for the classroom and featuring tools from the trades.


Each activity features a real-world task, keeping learners engaged while also demonstrating the practical application of the concepts being taught.


Our video library includes overviews of the tools included in the kits, as well as instructional videos for your class.


Teachers, connect with industry experts to arrange classroom visits, field trips, and more! Industry experts, find out how you can get involved and promote your trade.