What is Riipen?

Riipen is the world’s leading project-based learning platform that empowers every learner with employable skills. The platform enables instructors, learners, and organizations to connect through real-world industry experiences. Learners acquire valuable workplace skills and get to build their employer networks, organizations improve their talent pipelines and increase authentic engagement towards their brand, while instructors provide better learning experiences and grow their industry connections.

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What is experiential project-based learning?

Experiential project-based learning is a teaching method that involves learners designing, developing, and constructing hands-on solutions to a problem with a company or non-profit partner. Using this method, learners can build upon their creative capacity by working through real-world problems. Learners typically work on these projects in small teams.

About the partnership

We’re excited to partner with Riipen, an experiential learning platform and marketplace for project-based learning. Riipen gives faculty members the flexibility to embed experiential learning into courses and provides the tools for learners to work as a team on real-world problems.

Riipen is available for all Lethbridge College faculty members, in all disciplines, working with learners at all levels, for both in-class and online experiences and virtual internships Riipen offers end-to-end support, including course project ideation and design, technical support and student onboarding, and matchmaking with industry partners globally.

How to use

Step 1:

Join the School Portal as an educator.

Step 2:

Book a call with your dedicated account manager to discuss if Riipen is right for you. If you need support with Riipen please contact our interim digital learning coordinator Lexi Schaerz.

Step 3:

Riipen will set you up with a technical onboarding so you’re comfortable with the platform and ready to connect your course.

Step 4:

Once published to our marketplace, Riipen will get to work on matching your course with the best industry partners in our network of over 10K employers.

Step 5:

You will approve the company projects that you want to pair with your students.

Step 6:

Students start working on the projects on a timeline you determine.

You have a team of people who will monitor your course proactively and reach out to offer support if you need it. If you need to get a hold of Riipen with any questions or concerns you can email Riipen at academicsupport@riipen.com and a customer delight specialist will be happy to help you.

Riipen Learning Management System Integration

Riipen offers integration with all major learning management systems. Here are the step-by-step set up guides for each system:

With this integration, faculty members can link their course or internship program page in their LMS with their Riipen course page. Students in that course or internship program can access Riipen through their LMS without needing new credentials; an account is automatically created for them on Riipen through Single Sign On, and they have instant access to the content their instructor has approved on Riipen.

Here’s a help article on the subject: What does LMS integration include?

Our integration also offers user role type recognition for all systems but Blackboard. This means both instructors and learners can access SSO functionality, and have the appropriate account type created for them.