Our Team

Our Team

We believe that the hallmark of innovation and effective transformation is great teamwork. Together, we are a dynamic team of educators, researchers, designers, developers, technologists, and writers who value community, connection, and a people-first culture that fosters equity, diversity, and inclusion.


Our work is bolstered by systems thinking, human-centred design, innovation, and other methods that require stretching beyond conventional solutions to accomplish more relevant and engaging experiences for our diverse learning communities.

We know that we won’t always get it right the first time. We’re ok with that. Our processes include iterative design cycles aimed at continuous improvement. To us, our failures are learning opportunities. We promise to share often and as authentically as possible. So visit us often! We like having you around.

Meet our Team Members

While technically we’re divided into more specialized teams and departments, we like to think of ourselves as one big, multidisciplinary team with experts of all kinds, who work together to produce and support meaningful and engaging learning experiences.

Looking for a particular team member or a certain expertise? Use the filters below, or scroll through until you find what or who you are looking for.

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  • Administrative Assistance
  • Assessment
  • Audio Visual
  • Competency-based Education
  • Course Design
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Learning Support
  • Ed Tech
  • Educational Development
  • Facilitation
  • Formatting
  • Ideating
  • Information Literacy
  • Instructional Design
  • Leadership
  • Learning Accommodations
  • Learning Experience Design
  • Learning Strategies
  • LMS Administration
  • Media/Visual Design
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Project Management
  • Prototyping
  • Research
  • SoTL
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Team-building
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • User-experience (UX) Design
  • Writing/Editing
Adam Walser

Can be found in the library. He enjoys reading; it’s practically all he does, except bicycling.

Formatter and eagle-eyed project checker, nature nut.

Andrew Derksen

Word nerd who reluctantly accepts the informally assigned title of APA guru.

Ashley Burke

Disability advisor, academic strategist and Bluenoser.

Brenna Lowrie

Writes and edits to ensure content is clear, concise, correct, and complete (she can also help with those dreaded APA references).

Cameron Reimer

Works with all things exam-related during the day, then spends his free time running around and climbing things.

Runs around in circles all day; advocates for accessible learning and cute kittens.

Chase Boogaart

Friendly and ready to help.

Christie Robertson

Enjoys making the complex simple.

Answers a lot of questions and provides information.

Cynthia Halligan

Loves her work supporting & engaging with students. Cats & books are also a major part of her life.

Darel Bennedbaek

Goes to work to remember there’s a world outside computers; works with computers.

Diane Fjordbotten

Manages the Learning Cafe team and a conscientious collector of random facts.

Learning Experience Designer and chocolate connoisseur.

Erin Howard

Leadership style of support and kindness. Helps people and dogs reach their full potential.

Gavin Brinsmead

You can sit here and dream about it or you can go out and make it happen.

With math the possibilities are endless!

Hetsie Isaak

Out of Africa and into the snow.

Ina Baczuk

Avid reader, used dog enthusiast.

CTLI ringleader, risk-taker, professional people and idea juggler.

Jana Estey

Provides support to the LXDs, so they can do what they do best.

Jess Nicol

Supports instructors with professional development and is also a doctor (but the kind who can only deal with symptoms in books or ideas).

Here to help you with your library needs, while looking like a rainbow.

Joel Godri

Has a deep love for art, design, photography, craft beer, and his pet cat, Dali. (Mostly the cat.)

Joelle Reynolds

Connects people, tools and processes. Also a master magician – dream that dream, and she will make it happen.

Jude Bialik

English nerd, meta-cognition wizard, APA warlock, cat dad (Lilith was unwilling to participate in the selfie).

Fastest One-Hand Buttoner in the West.

Kelsey Janzen

Builds teams, connects people & resources, and leverages creativity to find user-centred solutions. Also likes bubble tea. A lot.

Kiri Stolz

Multidisciplinary designer, visual storyteller, prairie hermit. Likes fractals.

Kyle Snowdon

Communicates mainly through gifs.

Lexi Schaerz

Can always be found running, no exceptions. (Some exceptions apply.)

Lorne Deimert

The owls have been talking to him, but he’s sworn to secrecy.

Lyle Ruggles

Some may call him old fashioned, but old fashioned donuts are his fav!

Marianne Martin

Handles math & study skills inquiries and enjoys her morning (and afternoon, and evening) coffee almost as much as gardening – even more in the winter!

Megan Colgan

Administrative Swiss Army knife.

Mel Hamilton

SoTL is her favourite 4-letter “S” word.

Melissa Reed Boogaart

Admin Ninja, Customer Service Guru – solving problems before you know they are problems.

Michael Bandstra

Your average dorky design nerd. Be careful or he’ll talk your ear off.

Mike Smith

A Swiss Army knife type of guy. Nice. Tries hard. Loves the game…and pizza!

Nancy Barajas Jaimes

Your PD go to person, also has “Bright Ideas”.

Rebecca Helmer

What I do is more about who I am: finding joy in supporting all those who come my way.

Ryan Robinson

Putting the “Aud” in Audio/Visual since 2010. See what I did there?

Rylan Spenrath

Helps with writing, researching, and general studenting.

Sandra Ritchie

ISFJ, podcast addict, baking enthusiast.

Silvana Campus

Helps students with stuff.

Ed tech enthusiast, avid sci-fi reader and amateur yogi.

Terri Rollingson

Life isn’t all smiles and laughs but she will do her best to make sure you leave her desk with at least one.

Trevor Gellrich

Does lots of the course designing but is not allowed to use Comic Sans font.

Tristan Tuckett

Specializes in all things Audio Visual from live events to projector installs. He also happens to be a year round BBQ enthusiast!

Tyler Wall

Idea shotgun, gamifier, techie, board game enthusiast.

Tyson Wiebe

If he could have a meal with anyone alive or dead, he’d choose alive.

Wendy Hilliard

Invigilator, Nanna, bargain hunter, wine maker (quality control taster), gardening enthusiast, family hair stylist, & backseat motorcyclist.


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