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The eLearning Café is a collection of tools, tricks, and tips on how to become a more successful and confident learner. These pages are written for college students or educators looking for student support resources.

These resources are free of cost and available to anybody.

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Student success modules

Studying effectively and improving your memory

Using effective study strategies can boost efficiency and help knowledge stick. This module will guide you through strategies for effective studying.

Managing your time and avoiding procrastination

As a student, life can get pretty busy. You have classes, work, friends, and a lot on your plate. This course is all about helping you make the most of your time and stop procrastinating. When you learn these skills, you’ll be more productive and less stressed.

Mastering textbook reading

Reading your textbooks well is a key part of doing well in school. In this course, we’ll teach you how to read your textbooks effectively, even if they’re challenging. We’ll show you how to get ready before you start reading and how to read in a way that helps you understand and remember more.

Strategies for taking multiple choice tests

Multiple choice tests can be a bit tricky sometimes. It might seem like there’s more than one right answer. This course will teach you different strategies to do better on these tests and choose the right answers with confidence.

Thesis statements for research essays

If you’re new to writing thesis statements for research papers, this course is here to help. We’ll guide you step by step in creating strong thesis statements. Even if you’re not new to research, you can still find valuable tips in this course.

Test taking strategies

Taking a test involves more than just answering questions. It starts with good preparation, feeling comfortable with the material, and knowing how to handle the test itself. This course will also help you manage test-day stress. Explore what this course covers to boost your test-taking skills.

Paraphrasing to powerphrasing

Paraphrasing means more than just changing words. It helps everyone understand each other better and shows respect for ideas. By learning how to do it right, you can become a better reader and writer. This course teaches you the right way to paraphrase and improve your writing.

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