Measurement Toolkit

Measurement Toolkit



Expose learners to the tools used in the everyday world of trades as they explore concepts of measurement. This kit is accompanied by demonstration videos of each tool, and how the tool is used in the trade. Tools can be used as classroom manipulatives or can be used in specific activities. All tangible items come packaged in a self-contained rolling toolbox with QR codes linked to web content.

Featured Trades: Automotive Service Technician, Cook, Carpenter, Plumber, Baker, Welder

Contributors: Colton Garner, Warren Anderson, Kiri Stolz, Brody Forster, Eric Mitchell

Concepts: Measurement, metric and imperial systems of measurement, fractions, decimals

Grade(s): K-12

Suggested Curricular Alignments

Grade 5-7 Math – measurment and number sense
Math 10C – measurment
Math 10-3/20-3 – measurment

Tools Included

  1. 10-foot Metric and Imperial tape measure (36)
  2. Feeler gauge (12)
  3. Tire depth gauge (12)
  4. Measuring cups sets (12)
  5. Tire pressure gauge (12)
  6. Digital caliper (12)
  7. Beam torque wrench (12)
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