Simple Machines Toolkit

Simple Machines Toolkit



Introduce learners to the tools used by carpenters and plumbers working with angles in construction projects. This kit is accompanied by demonstration videos of each tool, and how the tool is used in the trade. Tools can be used as classroom manipulatives while teaching Shape and Space concepts or can be used in specific activities. All tangible items come packaged in a self-contained rolling toolbox with QR codes linked to web content.

Featured Trade: Carpentry, Plumbing

Contributors: Colton Garner, Warren Anderson,
Kiri Stolz, Brody Forster

Concepts: Angles, degrees, perpendicular, parallel

Grade(s): K-12

Suggested Curricular Alignments

Kindergarten – straight and curved lines
Grade 1-3 Math – 2D shapes and 3D objects
Grade 4-9 Math – shape and space – calculating angles, perimeter and area.
Math 10-3 – geometry

Tools Included

  1. Pizza cutter
  2. Funnels
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Bottle opener
  5. Adjustable pipe wrench
  6. End wrench
  7. Adjustable wrench
  8. Ratchet strap
  9. Castor wheel
  10. Pliers
  11. Tin snips
  12. Flipper
  13. Crowbar
  14. C-clamp
  15. Chisels
  16. Can opener
  17. Adjustable wrench
  18. Hammer
  19. Garlic press
  20. Multipurpose shears
  21. Adjustable wrench


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