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Learning Innovation: The Teaching and Learning Podcast is a podcast from the Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI) at Lethbridge College in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Host Donna McLaughlin works on CTLI’s Learning Experience Design team. She talks to educators, educational designers, educational technologists, coaches, students… anyone involved in education about their experiences, the new and awesome stuff they’re doing, and their game-changing ideas. Tune in, turn on, and get inspired as guests share their stories and experiences and points of view on the dynamic, ever-changing landscape of education, teaching and learning. Listen here or on Podbean!
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Bonus episode – 16 Hours more Innovative but 40% Wrong

Tune in, hit play and buckle up because we’ve got even more nerds – I mean experts – than usual in this episode. Our CTLI leadership team is friends with the academic leadership team from Collarts in Australia and Donna bravely agreed to host a panel discussion with all 5 of them. Topics include: frameworks for innovative educational support, cross-institutional collaboration, the connection between innovation and grassroots initiatives, and the potential future of education considering the rapid change triggered by the pandemic.

The video version of this episode can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QJLg45dR1k

The Collarts website is https://www.collarts.edu.au/

The podcast episode Jackie mentioned where she discusses Complexity Leadership Theory is Episode 3 – https://learninginnovation.podbean.com/e/podcast-3-with-jaclyn-doherty/

The CTLI framework created by Lethbridge College and “not” photocopied by Collarts can be found at https://learninginnovation.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/CTLIStrategicInnovationModel.pdf

Ben mentions that futurist predictions tend to be 40% wrong, a statistic he got from a Paul Higgins presentation. Higgins’ website is https://www.emergentfutures.com/consultants/paul-higgins/

Workplace Integrated Learning (WIL), Virtual and Augmented Reality, and creating environments to thrive in

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired as Lethbridge College Multimedia Production Instructor, Kris Hodgson-Bright and CTLI Interns turned Contract Media Specialists, Eric Reger and Spencer Nelson, chat with Donna about Workplace Integrated Learning (WIL) and the value of pursuing internship opportunitiesThe group also talks virtual and augmented reality’s potential as learning and training toolsand about an interesting VR project Eric and Spencer worked on for Dematica leading supplier of automated supply chain technology, during their internship.
Check out Dematic, AltspaceVR, Discord, and Skills Canada Alberta.

International Student Miniseries #3 – Thriving Abroad in the New Normal: An international student’s perspective on learning in Canada

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired as EdnnaStobshinski, incoming Lethbridge College Students’ Association President and previous LCSA Vice President of Student Life, talks with Donna about the choice to follow her passion for biology and the environment to Lethbridge College’s Renewable Resource Management diploma program, being an international student during the pandemic, and the projects she’s spearheaded and is piloting in her leadership roles within the LCSA.
Check out the Lethbridge College Students’ Association (LCSA), LCSA (Facebook), Lethbridge College AgENTProgram, and the Lethbridge College Aquaculture Centre of Excellence (ACE).

International Student Miniseries #2 – Community, Coops, and Culture Shock with Nancy Barajas

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired by Nancy’s international journey, including the first time she saw snow! Donna and Nancy discuss how relationships, community, and work-integrated learning can support international students.
The link to Taiye Selasi’s TED Talk “Don’t Ask Where I’m From, Ask Where I am a Local”

International Student Miniseries #1 – Intercultural Communication with Chiye Kinjo

Both students and instructors can tune in, hit play, and get inspired with Chiye Kinjo, the Coordinator of International Student Services at Lethbridge College. Donna talks with Chiye about her decade teaching in Japan and her current role supporting international students at the College.

The recipe website mentioned is https://cookpad.com/. Chiye also recommends The Gaijin Cookbook: Japanese Recipes from a Chef, Father, Eater, and Lifelong Outsider by Ivan Orkin

Coming Together in a Collective Way, Lethbridge College’s Forthcoming Niitsitapi Strategy

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired as Shanda Webber, Manager of Indigenous Services at Lethbridge College, talks with Donna about Lethbridge College’s Niitsitapi Strategy that will launch on March 18, 2021. The conversation will travel through several important topics and themes related to the strategy, its origins and development. Topics such as Indigenous education and pedagogy, and the term Indigenization, as well as community building, engagement, mutual understanding, mutual appreciation, and Indigenous perspectives on innovation.

Love Your Job and Never Work a Day in your Life—What Does a Digital Learning Specialist Do?

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired as Tyler Wall, Digital Learning Specialist, talks with Donna about innovation and his approach to problem solving and helping Lethbridge College instructors find digital solutions to particular problems.

Gamifying Grammar with Murray Bartley and Kirsten Fantazir

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired to leave your comfort zone with these two passionate educators. Murray was a cop for a hundred years and Kirsten researches intrinsic motivation. Together, they completed a promising study on the effects of gamification and motivation in adult learners. Kirsten is always happy to collaborate and her email is kirsten.fantazir@lethbridgecollege.ca

Dr. Amy Hodgson-Bright: Rethinking English, Innovative Projects, and HyFlex Learning

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired as Dr. Amy Hodgson-Bright talks with Donna about her path to Lethbridge College, her passion for literature and innovative teaching, HyFlex, and bustin’ moves on the weekend! 

Jaclyn Doherty - Leadership, Culture, and Innovation

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired as the Dean of the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation, Jaclyn Doherty, talks with Donna about how leadership, culture, and systems affect innovation and creativity.

Allen Ledyit, Passionate teaching, becoming a superhero, and…bagpipes!

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired as Donna talks with Allen Ledyit (Instructor, Child and Youth Care, Lethbridge College) about passionate teaching and learning, supporting people through personal crises, building community, and…bagpipes!

Interview with Erin Howard, Associate Dean, CTLI

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired as Donna and Erin, Associate Dean of Lethbridge College’s CTLI, discuss everything from flexible learning and student micro-credentials to competitive dog dancing.

This episode was produced by Donna McLaughlin and Mike Smith.

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