Learning Innovation: The Teaching & Learning Podcast

Learning Innovation: The Teaching and Learning Podcast is a podcast from the Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI) at Lethbridge College in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Host Donna McLaughlin works on CTLI’s Learning Experience Design team. She talks to educators, educational designers, educational technologists, coaches, students… anyone involved in education about their experiences, the new and awesome stuff they’re doing, and their game-changing ideas. Tune in, turn on, and get inspired as guests share their stories and experiences and points of view on the dynamic, ever-changing landscape of education, teaching and learning. Listen here or on Podbean!

Interview with Erin Howard, Associate Dean, CTLI

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired as Donna and Erin, Associate Dean of Lethbridge College’s CTLI, discuss everything from flexible learning and student micro-credentials to competitive dog dancing.

This episode was produced by Donna McLaughlin and Mike Smith.

Allen Ledyit, Passionate teaching, becoming a superhero, and…bagpipes!

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired as Donna talks with Allen Ledyit (Instructor, Child and Youth Care, Lethbridge College) about passionate teaching and learning, supporting people through personal crises, building community, and…bagpipes!

Jaclyn Doherty - Leadership, Culture, and Innovation

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired as the Dean of the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation, Jaclyn Doherty, talks with Donna about how leadership, culture, and systems affect innovation and creativity.
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