Fluid Properties Kit

Fluid Properties Kit



This kit provides an opportunity for teachers and industry experts to demonstrate several topics integral to the pipe trades. A series of clear pipes with valves at the bottom provide can be used to show density of different liquids, or pressure of water in different sizes of pipe. Manometers can be attached to get accurate pressure readings. Calculations can be made of volume, pressure, and density.

Featured Trade: Plumbing

Contributors: Logan Fulwiler, Andrew Ruffle, Colton Garner, Warren Anderson, Brody Forster, Kiri Stolz

Concepts: Density, viscosity, pressure, flow rate, volume, buoyancy

Grade(s): Grades 5-10

Suggested Curricular Alignments

Grade 5 Science – Physical Properties of Matter
Grade 8 Science – Mix and Flow of Matter

Tools Included

  1. Measuring cup (10)
  2. Scale (10)
  3. Manometer (10)
  4. Pipe stand (10)
  5. 1” pipe assembly (10)
  6. 2” pipe assembly (10)
  7. 3” pipe assembly (10)
  8. Drain bucket (10)*
  9. Stopwatch (10)*
  10. Tape measures (10)*
    *not pictured

Accompanying Resources

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