Mitre Box Kit

Mitre Box Kit



Provide learners with a project that requires them to work with angles and practice spatial reasoning the same way a finish carpenter would when installing trim around windows and doors. Learners will use tape measures, hand saws and miter boxes to cut and glue fiberboard trim on a cardboard box. Students will be challenged to visualize the orientation of each angle and direction of cuts to accurately mount trim pieces on the box.

Featured Trade: Carpentry, Plumbing

Contributors: Colton Garner, Warren Anderson, Brody Forster, Kiri Stolz

Concepts: Angles (90, 45, 22.5), measurement (Imperial or Metric), complementary angles, transformations, fractions, decimals

Grade(s): Grades 5-10

Suggested Curricular Alignments

Grade 5-8 Math – Shape and Space – Measurement
Grade 5-8 Math – Shape and Space – 2D and 3D Shapes
Grade 5-8 Math – Shape and Space – Transformations

Tools Included

  1. Fiberboard trim 150’ (2)
  2. Mitre box
  3. Clamps (36)
  4. Tape measures (12)
  5. Carpentry pencils (24)
  6. Hand saw (12)
  7. Glue gun (6) *
  8. Glue sticks (50)*
  9. Safety glasses (30)*
  10. Gloves 12pk (2)*
    *not pictured

Accompanying Resources

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