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STEM Projects

CTLI’s STEM Projects promote authentic learning experiences in K–12 STEM subjects with the support of Lethbridge College Trades.


The STEM projects’ driving goal is to tap into the amazing real-world application of trade tools and theory to provide learners with context for learning topics in science and mathematics. This project fosters collaboration among K–12 teachers, Lethbridge College instructors, and industry to design and develop authentic learning opportunities for students in K–12 STEM subjects.


  • Build awareness among K–12 students and teachers regarding the value and desirability of careers in the skilled trades
  • Identify connections between Alberta K–12 Mathematics curriculum and LC trades curriculum
  • Engage industry in bridging the gap between K–12 and post-secondary learning experiences
  • Provide teachers with resources to support authentic learning in STEM subjects
  • Increase student success in trades programs
  • Increase the number of skilled tradespeople in Alberta


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Spring 2020
December 2020
March 2021
March 2022
Spring 2022
Summer 2022
- Westwind School Division Teacher Warren Anderson and the Centre for Trades at Lethbridge College identify the opportunity to collaborate on the development of authentic learning experiences for K–12 STEM subjects, and involve the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation (CTLI) to support development of the project
- Objectives for this work and an outline of the phases involved are developed
- Consultations begin with Westwind teachers in K–12 Math and Science subjects and Lethbridge College instructors with the goal of identifying curriculum alignments to the Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry and Automotive Service Technician Trades
- To narrow the focus and foster development of some initial prototypes with the intention of expanding to other trades in the future, the Automotive Service Technician trade is selected to further identify curriculum alignments to K–12 Science and Math subjects
Collaboration sessions are facilitated between AST instructors, Westwind School Division teachers, and CTLI staff to ideate on potential resources to be developed
Development of Prototypes
- Design of learning experiences and resources focusing on curricular alignments begins in collaboration with Automotive Service Technician faculty and Westwind School division teachers
- Dissemination of case study and project


  • Identified curriculum alignments between trades and K–12 STEM subjects
  • A variety of authentic learning experiences and resources for use by K–12 teachers
  • Case study for dissemination of information


STEM – an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math.



CTLI Strategic Innovation Model

Connecting Our Communities

  • Increase leadership capacity within post-secondary teaching and learning networks both provincially and nationally

 People, Culture and Human Potential

  • Design and deliver tools, resources, and experiences that lead to learner success

Innovation in Teaching and Learning

  • 3.4 Support meaningful innovation in our learning communities by both encouraging experimentation and removing barriers
  • Develop systems, processes and resources that will position Lethbridge College as the leader in experiential learning and flexible delivery


Skills for Jobs Task Force

The Skills for Jobs task force recommends increasing K–12 students’ knowledge of the different types of apprenticeships offered in the province, including the kinds of careers students can enter and how they can get there. This can be done, in part, by discussing trades opportunities in classrooms and bringing industry members into K–12 classrooms for discussions and activities that will help students learn about trades apprenticeships and careers.


Alberta 2030: Building Skills for Jobs Objectives

The Alberta 2030: Building Skills for Jobs initiative involves government working with educators, post-secondary institutions, and industry members to develop strategies that will benefit workers and the provincial labour market.

This project will help meet these objectives by giving students the knowledge they need to make informed choices about their post-secondary education; increase apprenticeships in the careers and trades of the future; and create a strong partnership between employers, industry, and post-secondary institutions within the province.


We believe that meaningful stakeholder engagement is essential to any good initiative. Below is a list of engaged stakeholders. (Classification based on CTLI engagement framework and IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum)

Our promise: We will keep you informed about the project and decisions that are made.


  • Alberta-wide school divisions and trade schools
  • Public

Our promise: We will consult with you to ensure your viewpoint is heard and considered when making decisions. We will communicate how this input and feedback influenced the decisions made.


  • Sheldon Anderson – dean of Trades, Lethbridge College
  • Rob Doig – assistant superintendent, Learning Services, Westwind School Division
  • Todd Heggie – assistant superintendent, Human Resources, Westwind School Division

Our promise: We will work directly with you to ensure your viewpoints and concerns are reflected in the decisions made.


  • Kelsey Janzen – coordinator, LC Studio
  • Michael Bandstra – media specialist, LC Studio
  • Eric Reger – media specialist, LC Studio
  • Kiri Stolz – media specialist, LC Studio

Our promise: We will partner directly with you throughout the project and decision making process. We will create joint solutions or recommendations.


  • Warren Anderson – lead teacher representative, Westwind School Division
  • Kevin Wiber – associate dean, CTRA
  • Joelle Reynolds – Alternate Learning Models lead, CTLI
  • Brianne Hutchinson – instructional designer, CTLI
  • Westwind School Division teachers: Craig Noad, Mark Iwassa, Curtis Leishman, Jared Leavitt, Rob Hill, Josh Sherwood, Layne Barnett, Erick Stewart
  • Automotive Service Technician instructors: Jared Tymburski, Mike Darlow, Brian Sorensen, Dave Cole, Dave Daniels, Eric Mitchell, Justin Romeril, Walter Michel, Tim Fyfe, Colin Skulmoski, Rob Lindhout

Our promise: We will abide by the decisions you make.


  • K–12 teachers and students
  • Lethbridge College prospective students