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CTLI’s micro-credentials are flexible learning pathways that allow learners to personalize their learning journeys.   


Micro-credential courses encompass a wide variety of bite-sized learning experiences that may stand alone or be stacked into credentials that are acknowledged with digital badges.

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Learners learn what they want, when they want, at their own pace and an affordable price

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Provides learners with tools and strategies that can immediately be transferred to use in professional settings

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Well researched, based on recent innovations, and focused on in-demand topics

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Meets learners’ needs with interesting and appealing design for learning


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Winter 2020
Spring 2020
Summer 2020
Fall 2020
Winter 2021
Spring 2021
And Beyond
- Initial interest in and experimentation with modularized course delivery
- Research into provincial and national policy and initiative alignments
- Visioning of micro-credential pathways begins
- Working team formation: CTLI Micro-credentials
- Mapping of micro-credential student journey
- Integration of Badgr as institutional platform for digital badges
- Addition of Canvas Catalog enrolment management system
- Development of resources to support micro-credential development, including Microcredential Framework, Development Handbook, template for Canvas
- Development of Instructional Skills Program micro-credentials begins
- Launch of Lethbridge College Student Core Competencies project
- Launch of Learning Experience Design micro-credentials series
- Collaboration between CTLI and Business Development to plan micro-credential development and delivery platform
- Development of Lethbridge College Micro-credential System map
- Launch of Aquaponics micro-credential pathway
- Exploring how to connect micro-credentials with record systems: LMS, Catalog, Ellucian, Colleague
- Sharing of experience and resources with counterparts in Alberta post-secondary community
- Embed micro-credentials into institutional policies and practices
- Incorporation of Lethbridge College digital badges into MyCreds digital wallet




  • Micro-credentials – A certification of assessed competencies that is additional, alternate, complementary to, or a component of a formal qualification (CICAN). Completion can be acknowledged with digital badges.
  • Micro-credential course – A course designed to assess a single competency.
  • Micro-credential pathway – A suite of micro-credentials that must be completed in a designated sequence or combination in order to meet criteria for pathway completion.
  • Digital Badge – Displayed as a digital images, these files also contain detailed, verifiable information about the badge award, including information about the issuer and the learner, criteria for earning the badge, and more. Learners collect these badges and can share them via social media, websites, links, and printed certificates.


We believe that meaningful stakeholder engagement is essential to any good initiative. Below is a list of engaged stakeholders. (Classification based on CTLI engagement framework and IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum)

Our promise: We will keep you informed about the project and decisions that are made.

  • Media specialists
  • Writers
  • Formatters
  • Prospective students and clients
  • Post-secondary education community

Our promise: We will consult with you to ensure your viewpoint is heard and considered when making decisions. We will communicate how this input and feedback influenced the decisions made.

  • Alberta Continuing Education group
  • Alberta Centre for Teaching & Learning group
  • Industry
  • Students
  • Clients

Our promise: We will work directly with you to ensure your viewpoints and concerns are reflected in the decisions made.

  • Instructional designers
  • Registrar’s office
  • Information technology director
  • Faculty
  • Subject matter experts

Our promise: We will partner directly with you throughout the project and decision making process. We will create joint solutions or recommendations.

  • Academic technologists
  • Learning experience designers
  • LC Studio coordinator
  • Educational developers

Our promise: We will abide by the decisions you make.

  • CTLI leaders
  • CCE and Business Development leaders
  • Deans

Project Lead: Joelle Reynolds


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