Non-Contact Force Kit

Non-Contact Force Kit



This kit provides sections of various pipes allowing students to experiment with non-contact forces like magnetism. As the magnet is dropped through the pipe the induced electromagnetic field slows the magnet and gives a noticeable difference in time to exit the bottom. Students can make predictions and experiments with different combinations of pipe size and material to get a variety of results.

Featured Trade: Electrical

Contributors: Warren Anderson, Josh Hill

Concepts: Lenz Law, magnetism, gravity, ferrous/non-ferrous metals, speed, rates

Grade(s): Grade 5, Physics 30

Suggested Curricular Alignments

Grade 4 Science – non-contact force
Grade 5 Science – electricity and magnetism
Physics 30 – Lenz Law

Tools Included

  1. PVC pipe 2’ (12)
  2. Copper pipe 2’ (set of 2) (12)
  3. Aluminum pipe 2’ (set of 3) (12)
  4. Steel pipe 10’ (12)
  5. Electrical tape (12)
  6. Magnets (12)
  7. Stopwatch (12)*
    *not pictured

Accompanying Resources

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