IN: Learning Analytics Project

Learning Analytics Project

Encouraging theory and data-informed decision making about course design that supports universal design for learning and learner achievement.


Learning analytics is a fast-growing field in post-secondary education. Learning management systems collect a vast amount of data on student behaviour in learning, which can be analyzed to improve learning experiences and student success. The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation (CTLI) has access to Canvas Data, which can be leveraged to analyze the impact of learning environment design on learner achievement and persistence. This initial project will focus on the impact on learners when implementing universal design for learning (UDL).


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Fall 2021
Winter 2022
Spring 2022
And Beyond
Prototyping: Project team experiments and prototypes possible Canvas Data outputs
Pilot: Project team recruits faculty members to participate in a pilot of the templates in their courses. In addition, project team explores further learning analytics queries as identified by faculty members.
Submit a report and recommendations for Canvas Data usage in the future, including a larger scale implementation plan and faculty professional development plan.
Incorporation of Learning Analytics into course design and support services in CTLI


  • Evaluation of the return on investment of the product Canvas Data
  • Easy-to-use templates for faculty to make observations about the impact of their course design choices on learner achievement and persistence
  • Defined processes for faculty with queries about course design that can be answered using learning analytics


CTLI Strategic Innovation Model

Support Services Operational Review:

Opportunity 5—KPI Tracking and Data Analysis

Opportunity 6—Process Improvement


  • Learning analytics: “The measurement, collection, analytics and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs” (Slade, 2016, p. 2)
  • Canvas Data: a service from Canvas that provides administrators with optimized access to their data for reporting and queries.
  • Universal design for learning (UDL): an approach to learning that gives all students equal opportunity to succeed. The learning environment is designed for flexibility and includes options for multiple modes of engagement, representation, and action and expression.
  • Learning environment: an inclusive space (physical or virtual) that mitigates barriers to learning and encourages engagement in learning.
  • Learning management system (LMS): virtual learning space to house, deliver, and track learning.
  • Canvas: the learning management system that Lethbridge College uses.
  • Badge: Displayed as a digital images, these files also contain detailed, verifiable information about the badge award, including information about the issuer and the learner, criteria for earning the badge, and more. The learner collects these badges and may share them via social media, websites, links and printed certificates.


We believe that meaningful engagement of stakeholders is essential to any good initiative. Below is a list of engaged stakeholders. (Classification based on CTLI engagement framework and IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum)

Our promise: We will keep you informed about the project and decisions that are made.

  • Deans and associate deans

Our promise: We will consult with you to ensure your viewpoint is heard and considered when making decisions. We will communicate how this input and feedback influenced the decisions made.

  • Institutional Compliance (policy consultation)
  • IPARS (data management and analysis consultation): Darryl Godwin

Our promise: We will work directly with you to ensure your viewpoints and concerns are reflected in the decisions made.

Faculty: One from each academic centre TBD (WN 22)

MLT (Management Leadership Team)

CLC (College Leadership Council)

Our promise: We will partner directly with you throughout the project and decision making process. We will create joint solutions or recommendations.

Learning Experience Designers: Donna McLaughlin and Trevor Gellrich

Digital Learning specialists: Rebecca Helmer and Lorne Deimert

Accessibility Services: Cayla Clemens and Ashley Burke

Our promise: We will abide by the decisions you make.

  • Project Sponsors: Dean, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation — Jaclyn Doherty

Project Lead: Christie Robertson


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