Automotive Window Kit

Automotive Window Kit



This kit includes a power window motor and the circuitry required to demonstrate its use. This kit is recommended for use in groups with the support of a teacher or an industry expert who can lead students through exploration of circuit components and voltage measurements using a Multimeter. A quick video is linked with QR code to show the various electrical measurements and features of the kit.

Featured Trade: Automotive Service Technician, Electrician

Contributors: Eric Mitchell, Warren Anderson, Dave Cole, Colton Garner, Kiri Stolz

Concepts: Electricity, fuses, voltage, circuit diagrams, electromagnetic fields, switches, lights, AC and DC electricity

Grade(s): Grades 5 and 9

Suggested Curricular Alignments

Grade 5 Science – electricity
Grade 9 Science – electrical principles and technologies
Science 30 – electromagnetic energy

Tools Included

  1. Torpedo level (12)
  2. Digital angle finder (12)
  3. Cam degree wheel (12)
  4. Sliding T-bevel (12)
  5. Speed square (30)

Accompanying Resources

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