Gears Kit

Gears Kit



Learners explore with a variety of gears to construct a gear series. Each gear in the series can be the driving gear or the driven gear. Gear tooth count is differentiated by color and result is recognizable ratios.

Featured Trade: Automotive Service Technician, Agriculture Heavy Equipment Technician

Contributors: Jared Tymburski, Robert Lindhout, Colton Garner, Warren Anderson, Kiri Stolz

Concepts: Gears, ratios, driving and driven gears

Grade(s): Grades 6-10

Suggested Curricular Alignments

Grade 8 Science – Mechanical Systems
Grade 8 Math – Number Sense – Ratios

Tools Included

  1. Gear set 3D printed (14)
  2. Downloadable print file*
    *not pictured
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