Wind Turbine Kit

Wind Turbine Kit



This kit provides learners with the opportunity to design blades to generate electricity with a model wind turbine. Learners will explore the impact of materials, shape and number of blades on the generation of electricity in a wind turbine assembly. This kit is paired well with an industry expert to consult on the design and generation of wind turbines. There are enough blade materials for a class of 25+ to each design their own set of blades, and then test them on one of the three turbine set ups.

Featured Trade: Wind Turbine Technician, Electrician

Contributors: Colton Garner, Colin Wynder, Kiri Stolz

Concepts: Electricity, renewable energy, voltage, resistance, aerodynamics, air pressure, wind speed

Grade(s): Grades 5-12

Suggested Curricular Alignments

Grade 5 Science – Electricity and Magnetism
Grade 6 Science – Air and Aerodynamics
Grade 9 Science – Electrical Principles and Technologies

Tools Included

  1. Wind turbine tower (3)
  2. Anemometer
  3. Blade dowels ¼” (100)
  4. Blade consumable pack (100 blades)
  5. Glue gun (6)*
  6. Glue sticks (50)*
  7. Box fan (3)*
    *not pictured

Accompanying Resources



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