Find a library eBook

Find a library Book

Difficulty: 1/5


It should take less than 5 minutes!



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  • Computer with internet access, College email & password (if off campus)



The Process

Step 1: Find it online.

Libraries today provide vast amounts of eBooks to their users. Lethbridge College has 280,000+ eBooks available to its students and staff.

Step 2: Search and…

  • Type relevant keywords into the main search box.

Step 3: … pick whatever book you need

  • Scroll down the left-hand menu and select eBook from beneath the Format subheading.
  • If needed, set a publication date range using the Publication Year limiter found in the same left-hand menu.

Step 4: Get Access.

  • Browse the results to find relevant titles.
  • When you find the eBook you want, click the View eBook button to access the book.
    • You will be prompted to log in with your college email address and password if you’re off-campus.

Step 5: Using the eBooks.

  • The vast majority of our eBooks can be viewed in their entirety online, or individual chapters can be downloaded as PDFs.
  • If you need to download the entire book, you will likely need to make an account with the database that has the eBook and link it with a e-reader account, such as Adobe Digital Editions. Downloaded books tend to be usable for 3 weeks before needing to be re-downloaded.

Step 6: If you’re really stuck.

  • If you can’t find what you need, adjust your search terms (keywords), and follow these steps again to see new results.
  • If you’re still have trouble finding what you need, send your librarians a chat or and email.
    • At Lethbridge College, you can chat with us through our chat widget on the library’s website or email

Quick Tips!

  • Take some time to brainstorm about your topic before searching. Think of synonyms, similar terms, broader terms, or narrower terms that you could use if your first search does not return the results you need.
  • You can search individual eBook databases if you won’t want to search from the main catalogue. Most library websites will have a Databases A-Z page where you can find the databases for eBooks.

Buchanan Library Staff

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