Closure Strategies: Ways to End a Lesson

Closure Strategies: Ways to End a Lesson

Closure activities help instructors check for understanding and inform subsequent instructioncorrect misunderstandings, and emphasize key information 

Closure activities help learners summarize, review, and demonstrate their understanding of major points; link lesson ideas to a conceptual framework and/or previously learned knowledge; and consolidate and internalize key information. 

Difficulty: 2/5




Class of learners.

Core Competency Connection

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The Process

Oral Review

Use the last five minutes of class to ask, “What have you learned today?” Have a quick thumbs-up/thumbs-down/thumbs-sideways show of hands on various points touched on: “I understand and could teach this to other”; “I understand but couldn’t explain it”; “I do not understand this concept.” 

Low-Stakes Exit Quizzes

Use technologies like Socrative or Google Forms for quick review quizzes. Have learners write down three quiz questions for an entry quiz at the beginning of the next class. 

Whip Around

Learners quickly and verbally share one thing they learned in class today. Have them toss a ball from one to another as they take turns, or just have volunteers share what they learned. 


Learners write down on a note card 3 things they learned from today’s lesson, 2 questions they have about the topic, and 1 thing they want the instructor to know from today’s lesson. 

Email/Discussion Post Summaries

Have each learner write a brief email/discussion post summarizing what was learned, things that are still unclear, new questions that arose, etc. 

Three W’s

Learners discuss or write: 

 -What did we learn today? 

-So What? (Relevancy, importance, usefulness) 

-Now What? (How does this fit into what we are learning? Does it affect our thinking? Can we predict where we are going?) 


Dubec, R. (2018, June 19). Closure strategies: Ways to end a lesson. Lakehead University. 

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