PLAR information for ICP

PLAR Information for ICP

The Instructor Certification Program (ICP) is designed to enrich the depth of instructor knowledge and skills in the practice of teaching and learning at Lethbridge College. ICP courses allow instructors to collaborate with others across the college to learn from and share with each other. It is expected that instructors complete the ICP program within their first five years of instruction at the college.  

Occasionally, a new instructor has previous extended experience or knowledge in a specific area of the ICP. In this case, they can apply for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). This means the instructor can provide evidence of learning and receive course credit without taking the course. Instructors must provide evidence that they have achieved 75-80% of a course’s outcomes. 

Instructions for PLAR

To pursue PLAR for any Instructor Certification Program course(s):

  1. Please confirm your registration in ICP.
  2. Next, download the templates below for the ICP course(s) you wish to seek recognition for. These guidelines provide an idea of what documentation is expected in a PLAR submission.
  3. Submit your completed template(s) to the ICP PLAR Request Form.

Please Note: To receive the ICP Credential of Academic Achievement, the student must register, and receive a grade for at least two of the ICP courses. This satisfies the 25% residency requirement for Lethbridge College’s Grading Policy – Recognition of Prior Learning. 

Contact Information: 

ICP 1151

Curriculum Development

ICP 1152

Learning Theory & Instructional Techniques

ICP 1153

Analysis of Teaching & Learning

ICP 1154

Assessment & Evaluation

ICP 1155

Diversity in Higher Education

ICP 1156

Personal and Program Leadership