ICP 1155 – Diversity in higher education

ICP 1155 - Diversity in Higher Education

This course examines diversity and its impact on classroom dynamics and the educational process. Knowledge and appreciation for the history, traditions, and perspectives of specific cultural groups will be developed. Culturally appropriate instructional strategies will be explored for specific learner profiles.

Course Outcomes:

  1. Critically reflect upon how diversity amongst individuals contributes to the Lethbridge College campus community.
  2. Demonstrate, through reflective practice and application of learning strategies how assumptions, values, beliefs, and background experiences impact interpersonal relationships with others.
  3. Explain the dynamics of Indigenization, internationalization and inclusivity and how they may contribute to collaborations, inter-connectedness, barriers and misunderstandings.
  4. Build meaningful learning/work communications to recognize diversity differences and similarities and promote culturally sensitive teaching and working relationships.

This course includes the following micro-credential:

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