Testing For success

Testing For Success

Quizzes are a great way of testing learners’ abilities. Why not use them more often?

Difficulty: 2/5


This is up to you, depending on how long you make your quiz and how long you allow your learners to take it.


A class of humans

Core Competency Connection

Sketch of a beaver on a brown gradient background
Sketch of three wolves on a grey gradient background


  • Learner access to instructor’s email (at the end of class)
  • Pre-made form for learners to submit questions (paper or Microsoft Forms)
  • Extra paper to give to learners; pens/pencils


Make your quiz:

  • Either instructor creates quizzes to give at the end of each class, or instructor chooses question(s) submitted by learners to use as the daily quiz.

The Process

Step 1: Set the Ground Rules

  • Explain the concept of daily content quizzes to learners. Questions can be created by the instructor or by learners. Content quizzes help learners see the value of testing themselves on a regular basis and ensure content is understood.

Step 2: Get Ready for Some Feedback

  • Have a form (paper or Microsoft Form) or email address available for learners to submit questions.

Step 3: They Can Make Their Own Quizzes

  • Have learners submit questions at the end of class to be used for a quiz at the beginning of the next day’s class. Allow time at the end of class for a prepared quiz on that day’s topic. This could be included as part of a class participation grade.

Step 4: Check Their Understanding

  • Ask students to hand in quizzes at the end of class. You might assign a mark or not; either way, you can check for understanding (and hopefully help students establish the habit of creating quality questions and regularly testing their own knowledge).

Design Hack

  • Alternatively, instructors can create the questions to assess learners’ understanding of content covered in each day’s class.

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