Untethered teaching and learning with iPad Pros in the classroom

Untethered Teaching and Learning with iPad Pros in the Classroom

With instructor workloads increasing at a dizzying pace, iPad Pros are helping to ease that load with hybrid teaching and learning opportunities in the classroom. 

Traditionally, teaching has been tethered to instructors’ desks. It’s where pen and paper sat, where whiteboard markers were kept. It’s a space with limited flexibility in helping students – especially when students need extra instruction. 

However, with tech like iPad Pros–especially with software like Explain Everything–instructors can cut those desk strings and give students more interactive, hands-on learning experiences, whether remote, in-person, or hybrid. 

In the 5½-minute video below, instructors Jeff Hamilton and Marc Garner showcase the untethered teaching and learning techniques iPad Pros are creating in their classrooms. 

Person using an iPad Pro

Key benefits of iPad Pros in the classroom 

  • Streamlines elements of the teaching process  
  • Enables mobile classroom management 
  • Promotes flexible learning environments 
  • Enhances accessibility and interactivity in the classroom 
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous learning for accelerated course outcomes 
  • Eliminates the need for traditional pen and paper methods  
  • Stores learning videos/modules online for easy access 
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