Infographics for instruction

Infographics for Instruction

Represent information, data, or knowledge visually to enrich learners’ understanding.

Difficulty: 2/5


Time this activity takes varies depending on your topic and skill level.


1 person

Core Competency Connection

Sketch of a raven on a blue gradient background
Sketch of three wolves on a grey gradient background
Sketch of a dragonfly on a green gradient background


  • Computer
  • Internet access



The Process

Step 1: Choose an outcome.

  • Choose a learning outcome that includes a complex concept, a process, or a timeline.

Step 2: Sketch it out

  • Map out a rough sketch of the concept, process, or timeline that learners need to master in order to achieve the stated learning outcome.

Step 3: Make it visual

Using PowerPoint or another tool that provides access to icons and graphics, transform your rough sketch into something visual. If graphic design isn’t your thing, there are lots of great resources online that are free or relatively inexpensive. Our favourites include:

  •   1. Piktochart: A simple tool to create infographics, presentations, posters, flyers and other visual resources.

Watch demo:

  •   2. Vennage: Another tool for data visualization, explaining
    processes and communicating information.

Visit webpage:

  •    3. Canva: Similar to Piktochart and Vennage, Canva allows users to work from templates or create from scratch.

Visit webpage:

Step 4: Share your work

Share your newly created infographic with learners. In alignment with Universal Design for Learning principles, we recommend presenting content in more than one format. For example, you might include an infographic and a text or audio version of the information. Most learning management systems allow you to upload various types of file formats.

Tips & Tricks

There are many excellent infographics out there! Do a quick Google image search for “infographics” to help inspire your design.


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