Hardware: The easy way

Hardware: The Easy Way

There is no question that the use of video as a teaching tool is at an all-time high right now. Fortunately, the College Library has stocked up on recording hardware to assist with the demand for online delivery and pre-recorded content. We understand that new technology can be intimidating, so we (The AV Squad) are here to educate, encourage and quite possibly entertain you as we introduce you to the different tools that are available. 

Below is a whole playlist of videos dedicated to teaching you about recording video content on your computer. Or go watch them on YouTube.

Difficulty: 3/5




Individual operator

Grow your Competencies

Sketch of a beaver over a brown gradient background.Sketch of Chief Mountain over a teal gradient background.

Check out The Hive for more info.


All of these materials can be signed out through the library.

Ryan Robinson

Audio Visual Technologist, AV Squad

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