Digital whiteboards

Digital Whiteboards

Whiteboards can be used to enhance the learning experience by engaging learners, assessing learning, and creating interactive lessons. 



In our current climate of working primarily digitally and delivering classes at a distance, there are some hurdles that are difficult to overcome. Engaging learners in an organic way that mimics a face-to-face classroom is a huge hurdle—and perhaps not completely surmountablebut integrating digital whiteboards into your class can help to bridge that gap.  

In the following introductory video, I will walk you through a few options ranging from simple integrations and practices to more complex tools. Learning something new comes with challenges for both you and your students so keep that in mind when picking a tool. Some tools will be worth the initial investment by you and your students and some may be overkill. Keep a lookout for followup videos where I will go over specific tools and hardware. Let’s jump in!  

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