Sketch of chemistry set.

Looking for a complete review of chemistry fundamentals? These resources might meet your needs:

  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill published an online Chemistry Fundamentals Program meant to refresh student memory prior to a new semester.
  • Arizona State University and Crash Course published this Youtube playlist, which offers a crash course in chemistry.
  • If you’re a Lethbridge College student and you want to review chemistry basics in preparation for your program, you can register for the Get Ready: A Refresher for New Students in Canvas. This course was designed to help you build the necessary skills you need for your specific Lethbridge College program. Lethbridge College students can self-register here. This Refresher is designed like a course, but you’re totally free to set your own pacing and skip topics.

Looking for explanation or practice with a specific chemistry topic? We recommend these resources:

  • For balancing chemistry equations, our most ask-for topic, this page from the Albert Team has lots of explanation and some practice. And you can use this fill-in-the-gaps exercise from Science Geek for additional practice.
  • The Khan Academy Biology Library features text, activities, and videos to help you strengthen your grasp on the basics of chemistry. The Khan Academy Biology Library features text, activities, and videos to help you build basic chemistry skills.
  • Cheung has a Youtube channel with lots of educational videos on various chemistry topics.
  • Bellevue College published a list of PDF worksheets alongside answer keys, good for practicing chemistry basics.
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