Engineering pre-calculus

Engineering Pre-Calculus

The sections below are designed to help Lethbridge College engineering students practice pre-calculus skills, but anybody is welcome to use this page!

Most of the links on this page take you to Khan Academy pages, each of which typically has video tutorials, a comment section for questions, and practice questions. You can also navigate Khan Academy pages by using the left toolbar.

Supports for Lethbridge College Students

Like Khan Academy, the PrepSTEP database contains excellent tutorials and practice activities for the topics above and more. These resources are free for Lethbridge College students; you just need to log in with your Lethbridge College email and password.

Lethbridge College students can get help (from a person) with math through the Learning Cafe where academic strategists offer basic math support and peer-tutors can be requested for higher-level or niche course-based math.


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