Blended & Online Learning Rubric

A rubric to ensure teaching excellence in your blended or online course.

Teaching excellence is what we strive for at Lethbridge College. This means teaching excellence using any delivery method—face-to-face, blended or fully online. As demand has shifted to providing students flexible and relevant learning experiences in a blended environment, we have created a few tools to support our teaching excellence.  

In the resources, we identify 5 criteria necessary for achieving excellent blended instructional delivery. Such blended delivery should be  

  • Communicative & Engaging 
  • Experiential & Inclusive 
  • Usable  
  • Credible 
  • Consistent 

The Blended and Online Rubric will help you self-assess your blended instructional practices and provides practical ways to improve any areas you see fit.  

The Course Development Journey Map is another tool to support you moving your instructional content from face-to-face delivery to blended or online. The map outlines the phases for developing your blended course, as well as touch points and self-reflection questions to help you along the way. 


Adapted From: eCampus Alberta. (2014). Essential quality standards 2.0.

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