Group work 101

Group work 101

Group work project planning. Sound like fun? This might help.

Difficulty: 2/5


35–50 Minutes. Five minutes for activity prep and setup, and 30–45 minutes for the activity itself.


2–6 humans

Core Competency Connection

Sketch of two bees on a yellow gradient background
Sketch of a raven on a blue gradient background
Sketch of a beaver on a brown gradient background


  • Paper
  • Writing tool
  • Sticky notes


Create groups for your students or have them make their own groups before they come to class.

The Process

Step 1 (5–10 minutes)

  • Create groups or have learners select their own groups. Allow them to choose topics from a list of possible project ideas.

Step 2 (3 minutes)

  • Next, have group members sit together. Distribute one piece of paper and sticky notes to each group.

Step 3 (5 minutes)

  • Instruct each learner to write down things that NEED to be done to complete their project on the sticky notes. One idea per sticky note, but there’s no limit to the number of notes used!

Step 4 (10–15 minutes)

  • Have groups organize the stickies, grouping them by patterns, duplicates, and themes. Instruct learners to explore what the sticky notes reveal and to note any gaps such as action items that were missed.

Step 5 (10–15 minutes)

  • Once all the pieces of the project are laid out for everyone to see, have each group decide what materials they will need, what their timeline is, and who will do what.

Step 6 (5 minutes)

  • Have group members exchange contact information, decide what the main form of group communication will be, and set their next meeting date!

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