Using the internet

Using the Internet

The Internet is the vast connection of networks that enables learners to access data, files, and documents from all over the globe on the World Wide Web. The impressive amount of information on the web is both exciting and somewhat daunting. To be an effective online learner, you will need to develop skills in Internet safety, use Internet browsers effectively and communicate successfully in a digital world. Moreover, you need to learn to think critically about online material. Various tutorials that can help you become a more effective Internet user. 


  • BBC’s Webwise is a beginner’s guide to computers, Internet browsers, online forms, searching, email, Internet safety and chat and discussion groups. Explore the guide now! 
  • Google Guide is an online interactive tutorial and reference for Google users of various skill levels. It was created to provide instruction about how Google works, what’s included in the search results and how to use Google’s features and shortcuts. 
  • The Google Ninja Program offers a series of online courses that will introduce and familiarize you with the various services that Google offers. 
  • offers a number of tutorials to teach you about the Internet, from helping you choose a browser to understanding the cloud. 
  • If you are a Lethbridge College student, you can also access PrepSTEP’s Internet Basics tutorials through the library database page (under ‘P’ for PrepSTEP). If you have trouble accessing this, contact the Library or watch this tutorial video. 
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