Three-way pitch

Three-way pitch

Bringing people together to make better decisions.

Difficulty: 1/5


Setup time 10 minutes the activity should take around 20 – 30 minutes


Groups of 3 Humans

Core Competency Connection

Sketch of a dragonfly on a green gradient background
Sketch of a raven on a blue gradient background
Sketch of a beaver on a brown gradient background


  • 3 chairs per group
  • Paper and pens (1 per person)
  • Stop watch for facilitator


Get your learners ready:

  • Have participants come prepared to discuss an idea, issue, problem or a project that they would like feedback on.

The Process

Step 1: Everybody Ready?

  • Have participants form groups of three. This activity works best if there are no tables, just knee-to-knee seating, so get cozy!
  • Assign roles to each participant: one pitcher and two consultants for each group.

Step 2: Here’s the wind up…

  • The pitcher is given two minutes to pitch their idea, issue, problem or project.
  • While the pitcher is pitching, the consultants take notes and listen.
  • They do not speak at all (shhh).
  • The activity facilitator keeps track of time.

Step 3: Any Questions?

  • Consultants are given one minute to ask the pitcher clarifying questions.

Step 4: Pretend I’m not here.

  • The pitcher sits with their back to the consultants.
  • The consultants have two minutes to discuss what they heard and to generate ideas and suggestions.
  • The pitcher writes down notes but doesn’t speak while the consultants are talking.

Step 5: The moral of the story.

  • The pitcher turns around and shares what they learned.

Design Hack

This app is made to use all official Post-It branded sticky notes. Don’t be afraid to use some funky shapes and colours.

CTLI Staff

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