Post-It app

Post-It App

Capture your brainstorming sessions more efficiently using the Post-it app.

Difficulty: 2/5


< 1 minute (once you know what you’re doing)


At least 1 human

Core Competency Connection

Sketch of two bees on a yellow gradient background
Sketch of three wolves on a grey gradient background
Sketch of a beaver on a brown gradient background


  • Smartphone (Requires at minimum iOS 12 or Android 7.0)
  • Computer
  • Sticky notes
  • Writing implements (Sharpies preferred)


Get brainstorming:

  • You’ll need some sticky notes that have been written on.
  • This is often done in brainstorming sessions or other meetings.

The Process

Step 1: There’s an app for that

  • Download the free Post-it app from either Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) onto your computer or mobile device.
  • Open the app.

Step 2: Say Cheese!

  • Now you’ll have two options: capture or create.
  • Select capture to snap a photo of your Post-it notes.
  • Tap on the plus symbol to access these options if you’re using the app on your mobile phone.

Step 3: Present and accounted for

  • Photos you take will appear on your screen.
  • Green boxes with checkmarks on your Post-its indicate that your Post-it notes have been captured.
  • Tap on any Post-its without checkmarks to add them to your board.

Step 4: Customization

  • A digital version of your board will appear.
  • You’ll now have the option to rotate, change colours, add text to your notes, or click and drag them onto other boards to organize your information.

Step 5: Share with your friends!

  • Click the Share button in the top right corner to export your board and share with other people or devices.
  • Exporting to Excel is the best option we’ve tried so far.
  • Select Excel and then choose how you’d like to share.

Step 6: The sky’s the limit

  • If you’ve shared your photo board with your own computer, simply open the file to access your content.
  • You can edit further from here and use the information you’ve gather for facilitation, meetings, or anything else you can think of!

Design Hack

You can utilize a text recognition function to add more flexibility with content use. Individual notes can be edited and additional notes can be added.

CTLI Staff

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