Perusall is a platform that promotes engagement with course content such as readings, videos, images and more, through social interaction.


Perusall integrates with Canvas so instructors can easily add it to their course or instructors can use it outside of the learning management system. Perusall goes beyond traditional discussion boards because instructors can identify specific aspects of a reading or other course content that they would like students to engage with and students can also respond. Students can discuss or comment on podcasts, videos, images, webpages and PDFs.


Instructors can use Perusall for free either integrated into a Canvas Course or as a stand alone course.


Perusall increases the quantity and quality of student engagement with course material.

How to Integrate Perusall with Canvas

Initial Canvas Setup

To connect Perusall to Canvas, set up Perusall as an LTI app under Settings>App (search Perusall in the App Center), and add your key and secret. If you do not see Perusall listed in your App Center, you can set it up manually:

  1. Select View App Configurations, and then click + App.
  2. Select “By URL” under Configuration Type.
  3. Enter for the Config URL.
  4. Set Privacy to Public.

If you do not have a key and secret already, contact Perusall Support from you official college email address to retrieve your instruction’s key and secret. (For security verification purposes, provide Perusall Support with a link to an institutional web page that shows your name, email address, and title/affiliation.)


Refresh the Canvas page and finally, you can add a Perusall navigation link to your course sidebar under Settings> Navigation. Click on this link to launch Perusall and create a new course in Perusall that maps to your course in Canvas. Once you have done this, students can also click this link to launch into your Perusall course from Canvas.

How to Set Up Perusall as a Stand-Alone Course

Creating Your Course

To create a standalone course, create an account at; the onboarding process will walk you through course creation. website.


Some information retrieved from the official Perusall website:

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