ICP 1156 – Personal and program leadership

ICP 1156 - Personal and Program Leadership

Personal and Program Leadership will guide your exploration of an overarching question: how do you lead in your role as an instructor? The course provides an introduction to educational leadership and leadership culture in post-secondary education systems and examines educational leadership theory. Topics include leadership styles, the culture of academia, roles and behaviours in the context of post-secondary institutions, and the implications of leading at Lethbridge College.

Course Outcomes:

  1. Identify the elements of educational leadership theory and explain how this theory can be applied to your role at Lethbridge College
  2. Explain your role in shaping positive institutional culture through educational leadership
  3. Reflect on your own leadership capabilities and how they have been shaped through past experiences and viewpoints
  4. Articulate areas for leadership growth that support the evolution and innovation of teaching and learning practices
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