Be an Edu-Hero

Be an Edu-Hero

GoPro Hero Action Camera and Accessories

GoPro cameras are more than just tech toys. They can be used to create collaborative, fun classroom experiences by giving both teachers and learners new perspectives on education.


  • GoPro Hero action camera
  • Charger
  • micro SD card
  • collection of mounts (head, chest, etc.).


Switch out the body mounts for a tripod to use a GoPro as a static camera for delivering lessons.

Difficulty: 3/5

How can it be used for instruction?

Point-of-view action cameras like the GoPro are a fun, exciting tool that can be used to enhance teaching and learning. However, before using any type of technology in a course, it’s important to first consider the reasons for its use and how those reasons align with course outcomes. How will using the GoPro help students to achieve course outcomes?

Point-of-view cameras are typically worn on the head or chest; this means the user’s hands are free to perform an activity and viewers see the user’s point-of-view or perspective. GoPro cameras are useful for demonstrating mechanical, athletic, medical, and other types of procedures. However, GoPro use in the classroom shouldn’t be limited to procedures and demonstrations. Point-of-view action cameras can also be used to provide virtual field trips for students and to encourage discussion, debate, and reflection on a variety of topics.

Be creative in your GoPro use, but remember to align its use to your course outcomes.



Kyle Snowdon

Senior Manager, Digital Learning and Library

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