For faculty

For Faculty

Consider the following strategies for collaborating with the integrated specialist:

  • In collaboration with the integrated specialist, clearly define role expectations
  • Check-in with the integrated specialist regularly
  • Practice informed flexibility, i.e., adapting behaviour and thinking according to different learning environments

Consider the following strategies for facilitating engagement between students and integrated specialist:

  • Inviting the embedded specialist to introduce themselves to your students during your class time OR recording a video interview/brief introduction with the specialist to highlight key support areas for your students
  • Integrating specialists into assignments and/or giving students bonus points for consulting with a specialist (this must be determined through consultation with the specialist)
  • Encouraging students to seek out specific supports (such as through Canvas announcements and messages)
  • Reaching out to the specialist as the course progresses to share any feedback you have on their outreach to students
  • Offering suggestions for topics that might benefit your students

And, when the course concludes, consider reflecting on the following:

  • How did the integrated specialist benefit your students’ learning experiences?
  • How did you collaborate with the integrated specialist? What changes would you make for your future courses?


  • Clearly communicate role expectations 
  • Check-in regularly 
  • Practice informed flexibility, i.e., adapting behaviour and thinking according to different learning environments