The STAR Grant

The Star Grant

The purpose of the Scholarly Teaching and Research (STAR) Grant is to encourage new researchers (faculty and staff) to engage in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) activities and projects. STAR Grant holders will have support to complete a research project from start to finish. The fund is designed to develop and build internal capacity by providing funding for the following:

• release or backfill time for applicants
• research assistants
• associated project costs
• encouraging student participation in research initiatives

All full- and part-time continuing instructors and staff are eligible for the STAR Grant, pending approval from their supervisor/associate dean. Casual employees may apply as part of a research team. Projects involving students in the research process (where possible) are strongly encouraged. If you are new to SoTL and thinking about completing a SoTL project for the first time, please consider putting in a Star Grant Application for the upcoming year!

Complete application guidelines, a Letter of Intent (LOI) template, and an application template will be available in mid-November.

The deadline for Letters of Intent is the third Monday in January and full applications are due the last Friday in February.

Award Agreement

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List of Projects by Year

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