New instructor resources

New Instructor Resources

CTLI supports new instructors as they embark on their own learning journeys, with a shared goal of effective and engaging teaching and learning at Lethbridge College. Register in our custom-built courses and workshops to expand your knowledge and add to your teaching toolkit.

Canvas Essentials

Canvas Essentials is designed to teach instructors the foundational skills they need for using our Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) effectively. Each page of the course covers a different skill for using Canvas, but it also provides information about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) considerations and provides additional resources for extending your Canvas skillset. This course is perfect for instructors who are new to Canvas but can also be a great reference tool for finding answers to questions that come up throughout your career.

Effective Teaching Practices

Effective Teaching Practices (ETP) is intended to assist instructors in developing effective, engaging, student-centered lessons. ETP begins with an overview of the importance of lesson planning and then quickly focuses attention on a specific lesson planning model—the BOPPPS—which provides the foundation for the course. This introduction to lesson planning can serve you well regardless of the delivery method you find yourself teaching in.

On completing the course, you will be able to utilize the BOPPPS Lesson Planning Model to develop effective and engaging lessons for students in your classroom. Your learning will culminate in the development of a BOPPPS lesson plan that you will submit, along with a personal reflection, to the course facilitators for review and feedback.

Facilitating Online Learning

Facilitating Online Learning is an online workshop consisting of three self-paced modules and a culminating assessment, designed for instructors who are new to teaching online courses or transitioning from teaching in the classroom to teaching online.

NIOP 2023 Facilitating Online Learning

If you attended NIOP 2023 (New Instructor Orientation Program), please register for the NIOP 2023 section of this course.

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