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The Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation offers a variety of services and resources to students, faculty and staff at Lethbridge College. Many of these are available both in-person, and also remotely. Below are some remote or online options.

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Serendipity Project

Any LC employee can apply to conduct SoTL research. Few do, but more should.

Finger Exercise: Contrary Motion

Refresh your mind with these simple exercises. Preserve your WPM!

Brain Dump

Help learners mentally de-clutter with a brain dump exercise.

Finger Exercise: Two Dances

Refresh your mind with these simple exercises. Preserve your WPM!

Brainstorming Before Searching

Helping learners refine their research methods will benefit them now and in their future careers.

Discussion Techniques – Concept Mapping for Critical Analysis and Critical Thinking

Use concept mapping activities to teach complex topics, procedures, or processes.

Alternative Summative Assessments

Formative assessment typically monitors student learning in order to provide ongoing feedback.

Making Canvas Images More Accessible: The Benefits of ALT Text

Increase the accessibility of your Canvas content by adding ALT Text (alternative text) to images to support learners who are blind or visually impaired.

Best Practices for Educational Videos

Educational videos are a great way to engage learners and support them in achieving learning outcomes.

Three-way pitch

Bringing people together to make better decisions.

Post-It App

Capture your brainstorming sessions more efficiently using the Post-it app.

Maintaining Exam Integrity

Some tips and considerations when designing an unsupervised exam.