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The Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation offers a variety of services and resources to students, faculty and staff at Lethbridge College. Many of these are available both in-person, and also remotely. Below are some remote or online options.

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Three-way pitch

Bringing people together to make better decisions.

Making Canvas Images More Accessible: The Benefits of ALT Text

Increase the accessibility of your Canvas content by adding ALT Text (alternative text) to images to support learners who are blind or visually impaired.

Hardware: The Easy Way

Here we have a whole playlist of videos dedicated to teaching you about recording video content on your computer.

Be an Edu-Hero

GoPro cameras are more than just tech toys…

Lesson Capture Kit

This lesson capture kit allows for instructors to break free of the static webcam in their computer

Chapter Mind Map

Mental Cartography? Introduce your class to the concept of using mind maps to create visuals of textbook chapters.

Early semester check-in during COVID-19

Ask key questions to get a sense of student access to technology and student concerns during COVID-19.

How to Move Your F2F Course Online Fast

A timely resource for making a rapid transition from face-to-face to online or remote instruction.

Card Sort

Discover what’s most important to the people who’ll be using your design solution.

Dreams & Gripes

This is a good way to find problems and solutions
With a human-centered approach.

Top 5 Tips for Supporting Learners with Disabilities

Tips from an experienced access specialist.

e-learning Café – Student

High-quality online academic and study skills resources for learners.