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The Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation offers a variety of services and resources to students, faculty and staff at Lethbridge College. Many of these are available both in-person, and also remotely. Below are some remote or online options.

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Lecture Supplements: Student Concept Mapping

It’s a good idea to break up lectures with activities that encourage learner engagement with lecture material.

Flipped Classroom Activities

The flipped classroom is a model that inverts the conventional structure of the classroom.

Sustained and Versatile Support Through Embedded Librarianship

Streamlining information literacy and other online support methods pre-, mid-, and post-pandemic

5 Ways the Learning Café Can Help Support Your Learners

Compare this list of Lethbridge College services to those offered at your institution. Are the services similar? Are there gaps to fill in?

Dynamic Assessment for English Language Learner Success

Dynamic Assessment can help learners, particularly ELL students who are struggling with production, feel more confident.

How to Move Your F2F Course Online Fast

A timely resource for making a rapid transition from face-to-face to online or remote instruction.

e-learning Café – Student

High-quality online academic and study skills resources for learners.

ANKI – A flashcard app

Use this flashcard app as a study tool or for learning new material.

APA 7th Edition (7e) 

In 2020, the American Psychological Association’s (APA) style experts released the seventh edition (7e) of the APA Publication Manual.

Welding Space Teaching Challenges

The Audio Visual department is working to overcome teaching challenges in our Welding program.

​How to Help Learners Battle Zoom Fatigue

Zoom fatigue has become a reality for online learners and instructors.

Verify Information

Currency. Relevance. Authority. Accuracy. Purpose. Determine how reliable your information is using the CRAAP test.