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The Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation offers a variety of services and resources to students, faculty and staff at Lethbridge College. Many of these are available both in-person, and also remotely. Below are some remote or online options.

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  • assessment
  • blended learning
  • checklist
  • course design
  • course development
  • dunning-kruger
  • EdTech
  • Embedded Librarian
  • Fishbowl Discussions
  • flipped classroom
  • formative assessment
  • gamification
  • GoPro
  • group work
  • innovation
  • instructor
  • instructor feedback
  • learning & development
  • learning cafe
  • learning experience design
  • learning outcomes
  • OER
  • one-pager
  • online learning
  • Open Educational Resources
  • peer-assessment
  • post-secondary
  • rubric
  • self-assessment
  • student amateurism
  • student engagement
  • student support
  • summative assessment
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  • testing for success
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  • work integrated learning

5 Ways the Learning Café Can Help Support Your Learners

Compare this list of Lethbridge College services to those offered at your institution. Are the services similar? Are there gaps to fill in?

Embedded Librarian

There are many reasons to get an embedded librarian.

Truth & Reconciliation Resources

Education is a central component to understanding and healing, but it can be difficult to navigate the amount of information out there. Get help here.

What Open Educational Resources (OERs) Bring to Higher Education

OERs are designed around curriculum delivery and are available in formats that provide and promote access.

Defining Work-Integrated Learning

Learn more about work-integrated learning options and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The Demand for Authentic Assessments

In the midst of this massive pivot, faculty were forced to get creative with their testing methods.

The Hive: An Interactive Online Support System for Students and Instructors

The Hive is moving students to a space where they can access the support they need in the most effective, efficient way possible

Blended & Online Learning Rubric

A rubric to ensure teaching excellence in your blended or online course.

Be an Edu-Hero

GoPro cameras are more than just tech toys…

​Formative Assessment: Why and How to use it in Post-Secondary Education 

Read about how formative assessment can counteract the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Adding Gamified Elements to your Blended or Online Course

Create meaningful learning experiences and boost student engagement through basic gamification.

Fishbowl Discussions

A great way to structure meaningful dialogue and gauge learner comprehension on a specific topic.