We approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation, and we value meaningful interactions. Our agile design processes and responsive support systems have allowed us to adapt and evolve with changing circumstances so that we can continue to create innovative, customized learning experiences relevant to the shifting needs of students, instructors, and our extended
learning community.

Our real superpower is the ability to stretch beyond conventional solutions and, in the process, create more engaging experiences, successful initiatives, and new opportunities. Our key priority is ensuring that learners have every opportunity to achieve desired learning outcomes and that staff members are equipped with the necessary resources and support mechanisms to deliver high-quality, meaningful learning experiences. Our desired result is inclusive, accessible human-centred learning that meets learners’ needs wherever they are, whenever they need it, while having a positive and lasting impact on the teaching and learning ecosystems of the future.

Sketch of people on a circle, with hands joined in the middle, about to cheer.

Our Initiatives

Here are some initiatives we’ve been working on.