The Kodiaks Academic Success Team (KAST) helps Kodiak student-athletes prepare, advance, and excel in academics.


Kodiaks are committed to the three pillars of athletic excellence, academic accountability, and the student-athlete experience. As student-athletes, Kodiaks face unique challenges balancing academics, athletics, community leadership, and other commitments. KAST supports Kodiaks to overcome these challenges and maintain academic accountability. These supports include academic coaches, resources and information to help with assignments and assessments, regular check-ins throughout each academic term, and resources for career and personal development. (note – this last sentence is copied (and adjusted) from this page:


Read through the timeline by clicking on each point.
Ancient, it feels like ca. 2014
Later, ca. 2015
Still later, ca. 2017
Even later , ca. 2018
During the pandemic
To infinity and beyond!
Started with a bootcamp approach to give student-athletes academic skills and strategies early on in their career and semester
Adjusted approach to target returning/transfer students with lower GPAs and all incoming students
Made further adjustments to provide a wider variety of options for different student needs, including workshops, appointments, online activities and resources, etc. This included creating a Learning Mangaement System (Canvas) course to provide structure and resources for the program.
Spread out tasks and activities over the semester to better suit the learning process and fit into student-athlete schedules.
Moved to a check-in approach to better suit the context.
Adjustments to continually improve engagement and effectiveness of program, looking at a lifecycle approach to start with basics and advance to excellence.


  • Canvas course shell for KAST
  • Tasks, activities, check-ins to support Kodiaks academic success
  • Ongoing evaluation and modifications
  • Improved retention
  • Improved academic accountability


  • CTLI Strategic Innovation Model (I’m sure it aligns somewhere with this model)
  • College strategic plan (I’m sure it aligns somewhere there, too)
  • Student Core Competencies (working to align closer)


KAST – Kodiaks Academic Success Team

Learning management system (LMS): virtual learning space to house, deliver, and track learning.

Canvas: the learning management system that Lethbridge College uses.


We believe that meaningful stakeholder engagement is essential to any good initiative. Below is a list of stakeholders engaged in this initiative. (Classification based on CTLI engagement framework and IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum)

Our promise: We will keep you informed about the project and decisions that are made.


Kodiaks Athletics

Learning Café team


Dean’s council

College community

Our promise: We will consult with you to ensure your viewpoint is heard and considered when making decisions. We will communicate how this input and feedback influenced the decisions made.



  • Kodiaks Athletics
  • Learning Café team

Our promise: We will work directly with you to ensure your viewpoints and concerns are reflected in the decisions made.


  • Kodiaks Athletics
  • Learning Café team

Our promise: We will partner directly with you throughout the project and decision making process. We will create joint solutions or recommendations.


  • Kodiaks Athletics
  • Learning Café team

Our promise: We will abide by the decisions you make.


  • Andrew Derksen (lead)
  • Todd Caughlin
  • Holly Owens
  • Laura Coad
  • Kodiaks Athletics
  • Learning Café team

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