Activity: Identifying Circuits

Identifying Circuits


Students have an opportunity to examine the workings of a power seat circuit system. Students will be able to identify a switch, motors, power souce, and circuit system running throughout the chair. There are four different circuits operating within the system: tilt up, tilt down, rear/ forward, up/down.

Challenge students to identify and trace the different circuit components of the system, creating a stimulating and engaging interactive activity!

Featured Trade: Automotive Service Technician

Contributors: Brianne Hutchinson, Warren Anderson, Dave Cole

Concept: Mechanisms Using Electricity

Grade(s): 5

Time: 15 minutes

Curriculum Outcomes


5–6 Construct simple circuits, and apply an understanding of circuits to the construction and control of motorized devices.


1) Identify example applications of electrical devices in the school and home environment and classify the kinds of uses. Categories of electrical use may include such things as: heating, lighting, communicating, moving, computing.

3) Recognize the importance of switches and other control mechanisms to the design and operation of electrical devices and identify purposes of switches in particular applications.

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