Heavy support

Heavy Support

Maintained throughout the entire course. The specialist should anticipate regular and consistent student support requests.


  • First-year & international students are key groups to target for retention
  • Catches almost everyone and builds essential skills
  • Directly impacts institutional retention & student success

Support Examples

  • Collaboration with the integrated specialist on scaffolding and timing of supports
  • Support aligned to course content and assignments
  • Support aligned to course outcomes and assessments through Student Core Competencies (LXD consultation)
  • In-class collaborative sessions (instructor and specialist; librarian and strategist)
  • In-class customized sessions (writing and/or research in specific disciplines)
  • Classroom introduction to ES
  • Online presence through Canvas announcements and messages
  • General resources; custom resources may be available (e.g., specific database tip sheets)
  • Facilitated study/writing groups for multiple sections


  • Program-specific
  • First-year courses with research and writing assessments
  • Instructor can request through program leadership (Chair, AD)
  • Strategic placement in higher-level courses


The type of supports offered above is not exhaustive. We can always work with you to figure out how we can best support your students!