e-learning Café – Student

e-learning Café – Student

High-quality online academic and study skills resources for learners.

Difficulty: 1/5


Navigating to the e-Learning Café takes only a few seconds to type in the URL. Once there, take as much time as you need to explore all the awesome resources available for students



Core Competency Connection

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  • Computer
  • Internet access



The Process

Step 1: Navigate to the website

  • Open browser and type lethbridgecollege.net/elearningcafe into the address bar.

Step 2: Check out the menu

  • The eLearning & Technology menu is a good starting point if you’re new to online learning, technology, and skills. Menu items include links to basic information on how to use the internet, success strategies for online learners, and information about technology and apps available to Lethbridge College learners.

Step 3: Explore additional website features

  • Note the drop-down menus across the top of the page and the buttons at the bottom of the page, which provide direct access to additional support. information.

Tips & Tricks

  • Students preparing to write the Accuplacer admission placement test can find useful resources in the “Writing and Research” menu.
  • Students who lack specific online learning skills, or general academic or study skills, can find good information to help build their skills on the eLearning Cafe.
  • The “search” function helps to locate resources on a particular topic posted on the eLearning Cafe.

CTLI Staff

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