CTLI Back To School PD Offerings 2021

CTLI Back To School PD Offerings 2021

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Best Practice Guide

We have complied resources on three topics we know many instructors are interested in. These are a great place to start when you want to improve your instruction. Included in these guides are articles written by CTLI experts, key takeaways from our review of the research, and an annotated bibliography.

Group Synchronous Training

Session 1 - Maintaining Rigour with Reduced Hours

How do you maintain rigour in a course that now has reduced hours? Come and learn about the value of blended delivery and how intentional design can help you use the hours you have to support mastery of concepts and skills.

Facilitated by: Tatiana Kloster

Date: September 3rd at 11 AM

HyFlex in AN1801 and on Zoom, will be recorded

Click here for Zoom Link

Session 2 - Impactful Teaching Strategies for Student Learning

During this session, you will explore impactful teaching strategies to add to your list of effective strategies. This session will also demonstrate the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) as a tool to generate ideas for instructor growth and teaching practices.

Facilitated by: Jess Nicol

Date: September 3rd at 1:30 PM

Online only, no recording will be available for this session.

Click here for Zoom Link

Session 3 - Student Core Competencies in the Classroom

Students learn more in college than just the course content. This session will guide you in integrating the Lethbridge College Student Core Competencies into your course and teaching practices.

Facilitated by: Donna McLaughlin with Jess Nicol

Date: September 2nd at  1:30 PM

HyFlex in AN1801 and on Zoom, will be recorded

Click here for Zoom Link

Session 4 - Best Practices in Online and Blended Delivery

You learned a lot about online synchronous delivery last year as you taught through the pandemic. Join this session to take your teaching to the next level. Don’t just use technology; leverage it with high-impact teaching strategies focused on building instructor, cognitive, and social presence.

Facilitated by: Lexi Schaerz

Date: August 31st at 1:30 PM

HyFlex in AN1801 and on Zoom, will be recorded

Click here for Zoom Link

Session 5 - Alternative Assessment Design

Are you ready to expand your assessment practices, but not sure where to begin? This session will begin with reflection on the purpose of assessment and feedback and move into a showcase of tools and strategies that are accessible and engaging.

Facilitated by: Jess Nicol and Cameron Reimer

Date: September 2nd at 11 AM

Online only, will be recorded

Click here for Zoom Link

Session 6 - Faculty Professional Development – Claims 101

Do you have questions about the Faculty Professional Development Claim Process? Then this session is for you! This session will guide participants through the PD claim process, including documentation, approval requirements, timelines, and eligibility.

Facilitated by: Nancy Barajas

Date: August 31st at 11 AM

Online only, no recording will be available for this session.

Click here for Zoom Link

Session 7 - Riipen – Integrating Work and Education at LC

Riipen immerses students in industry projects, bringing industry and education together, equipping students with work-ready skills. Join this session to see how Riipen could be used in your course or program area. Riipen presents students with connections, hands on and real-world assessment, and supports the development of student core competencies while saving you time by making all of the industry connections for you!

Facilitated by: Lexi Schaerz

Date: September 1st at 11 AM

HyFlex in AN1801 and on Zoom, will be recorded

Click here for Zoom Link

Individual Synchronous Training Options for All Instructors (Anytime)


Time with an LXD/ID/Ed Dev

Contact the LXD admin Jana Estey at jana.estey@lethbridgecollege.ca anytime to book a consultation during a time that works best for you. We all have different areas of expertise so letting her know what support you need will help her assign the right person for the job. We can help with:

  • Consultation on course and summative assessment design
  • Feedback and brainstorming on best practices for online, synchronous and asynchronous instruction and formative assessment
  • Navigating the online and blended rubric for course design
  • Integrating universal design for learning principles within your courses and assessments
  • Maintaining exam integrity
  • Using the curriculum alignment framework tool to maintain course and program alignment and quality
  • Using educational technology to achieve outcomes
  • Brainstorming innovative and new educational practices in your course or program
  • Integrating scholarly research and/or designing scholarship of teaching and learning projects

Time with DLT/AV

Contact this team directly at digital.learning@lethbridgecollege.ca anytime. They can support you with all things Canvas and educational technology related.

  • Canvas
  • Studio
  • Zoom
  • Teams
  • Turnitin
  • Hardware
  • Explain Everything
  • Filming
  • Other

Just in Time Options for All Instructors

The Teacher Hive

Central location for all resources from the Digital Learning Team for instructors. Access information about frequently supported technologies like Zoom, Canvas, Studio, and Kahoot, view on-demand recordings of synchronous training sessions, access guides on how to create, edit and upload videos from the AV team, and more. All instructors should have access to this course in Canvas, if you do not see it please contact digital.learning@lethbridgecollege.ca for assistance.

Check out the Teacher Hive in Canvas

CTLI Website & Teaching Toolkit

This toolkit contains methods and strategies to help learners become active participants in the learning process. Each tool is easy to use; adapt and mix with other learning activities to create more engaging and meaningful learning experiences.

Check out the toolkits on the CTLI website

Asynchronous Training for All Instructors

Facilitating Online Learning

This lightly facilitated course will introduce instructors to the teaching, cognitive and social aspects of facilitating courses in the online learning environment. Next offering starts August 15th, but don’t worry if you missed the start, you can still register after that date.

Register through the CTLI website

Growing with Canvas

This self-paced course is designed to support staff and instructors at all levels of Canvas experience. Designed into six modules, we recommend that those new to Canvas engage with all material starting from the beginning, while experienced instructors may accelerate through the activities to fill gaps in knowledge and learn about more advanced features.

Register anytime through the Teacher Hive

Universal Design for Learning

Are you looking for a quick introduction to the concept of universal design for learning? Try out our brand-new micro-course! You will learn the fundamental concepts behind this approach to course design that ensures that all students have the opportunity to thrive in your courses.

Register through the CTLI website

Effective Teaching Practices

This course is intended to assist both new and seasoned instructors in developing effective and engaging lessons for the classroom. Lethbridge College is committed to student-centred learning; throughout the course, you’ll explore what this means for you as an instructor and how you can design the best possible learning experience for your students.

Register here

Introduction to Course Design

This course explores the Curriculum Alignment Framework (CAF); a simple process educators can use to make meaningful course design decisions that align outcomes with instructional strategies and assessment. We’ll guide you through each CAF section, providing background information and useful examples to illustrate how to effectively complete your framework regardless of your specific context. Not only will this course help you fill in a CAF, it will also encourage you to think about your teaching or facilitating style, identify areas for improvement or adaptation, and emphasize best teaching practices. You’ll earn a badge for this course by completing a one-page CAF, including outcomes, assessments, concepts and skills, and teaching strategies for a learning experience you are designing or wish to design for your particular context.

Register through the CTLI website

Blueprinting for Learning Experience Design

Using the Project Blueprint Tool, this micro-course demonstrates how the concepts of design thinking can be interwoven into managing the development of a learning experience. The course guides learners through ideas such as planning, identifying the challenge ahead, choosing your team and tracking your budget. Along the way learners are provided with activities to add to their toolkits and project plan templates to have tangible takeaways from the course. The option to submit their own project blueprints is embedded in the course as well as a final assessment to earn a badge.

Register through the CTLI website

Introduction to Competency Based Education

This course offers an introduction to Competency-Based Education (CBE) and the features of a CBE program. You’ll learn when a competency-based approach is most appropriate, and when it might not be suitable. This will help you assess the readiness of your own program to be adapted or designed using a CBE approach.

Register through the CTLI website

Acronym and Term Legend

LXD: Learning Experience Designer (program and course support)

ID: Instructional Designer (course support)

Ed Dev: Educational Developer (Faculty development support)

DLT: Digital Learning Team (Canvas & educational technology support)

LMS: Learning Management System

Canvas: Lethbridge College’s chosen learning management system

The Teacher HIVE: a Lethbridge College Canvas Community where you can get up to date information about important dates, events, resources and services, or to chat with Canvas community members to find answers to questions you may have!

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