Camp Horizon guest speakers

Camp Horizon: Ed-venture Awaits!

Camp Horizon: Ed-venture awaits! is a fourday faculty development event taking place May 1619, 2022Camp Horizon sessions will focus on empowering faculty to engage in instructional practice while providing opportunities for rest, reflection, connection, and growth. This event is about connecting with one other, meeting new people, and celebrating what were doing in the classroom. Session offerings will align with both teaching and learning best practice and institutional priorities (e.g., flexible learning design) and will be delivered synchronously, asynchronously, and in person. 

The week’s activities will include the following learning opportunities. Please note that every day of Camp Horizon will include time for faculty recognition and celebrating success in teaching and learning. 

Day 1. Setting up CAF Camp

May 16, 2022: Day 1 of Camp Horizon will focus on learning support with the curriculum alignment framework (CAF). Join us for all things CAF related including reflection on successes and trials of the past year, updating your CAF, course design and more template options. Faculty will have opportunities to engage in one-on-one and/or small group consultations and discussions.

Day 2: Canvas/Ed Tech Trek

May 17, 2022: Day 2 of Camp Horizon will feature Canvas/Ed Tech Trek sessions exploring effective pedagogical use of the Canvas learning management system. The day will also include interactive educational technology sessions, focusing on innovative and emerging technologies.

Day 3: Mapping out our terrain

May 18, 2022: Day 3 of Camp Horizon will explore crucial Lethbridge College equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) and decolonization initiatives including the Niitsitapi Strategy, the Kairos Blanket Exercise, systems thinking, land-based learning, universal design for learning (UDL), and trauma-informed teaching. The importance of both students and instructors building awareness and upholding standards of academic integrity will also be addressed. 

Day 4: Exploring learning – packing your backpack

May 19, 2022: Day 4 of Camp Horizon will shift focus to our day-to-day teaching landscapes. Sessions will be interactive in nature and provide you with strategies that are classroom ready. These include: sparking creativity, using thinking routines/liberating structures, and incorporating the sustainable development goals. Other topics are still in development — you can check out the schedule when it is available for full details! Faculty members will also have the opportunity to attend consultations to discuss topics of interest.

Guest Speakers

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Fisher Qua

“Liberating Structures start with something so simple and essential as not to seem worth doing and end with something so powerful and profound that it hardly seems possible.” (Liberating Structures)

Liberating Structures – An Immersive Learning Workshop

Join our virtual presenter, Fisher Qua, for an immersive learning experience.  

Liberating Structures are easy-to-learn facilitation strategies that enhance relational coordination and trust. They quickly foster lively participation in groups of any size, making it possible to truly include everyone and unleash their creativity.  

Adding Liberating Structures to your instructional strategy toolbox can build student trust and increase their engagement, online and in person. 

Fisher Qua

Fisher has a background in history, modern dance, learning and development, higher education management, and health improvement. Some of his most memorable projects involve doing learning histories with NASA scientists, supporting the Kaospilot school in Denmark, and working with people living with dementia on designing their own community engagement programs. He has a MEd in College Sports Management from the University of Washington and is perpetually procrastinating on completing an MA in Higher Education Administration from the University of Michigan.