Camp Horizon 2023

Camp Horizon: Exploring our connections!

Camp Horizon: Exploring our connections! is a 2-day faculty development event taking place on May 2nd and 3rd, 2023. Offerings will align with faculty interests and institutional priorities, with an emphasis on practical tools and strategies to support best practices in teaching and learning. There will also be a focus on empowering faculty to engage in reflective instructional practice throughout. The two-day event will include a variety of delivery modalities and session types. More information will be posted on this page and shared through connections as details are finalized.  

We will be seeking interest from faculty to present at Camp Horizon in the coming months. We hope to celebrate examples of teaching and learning success across Lethbridge College, so please consider sharing with your colleagues at Camp Horizon 2023! 

Contribute to Camp Horizon

If you would like to facilitate a session or share a story of your teaching successes and/or stumbling blocks, please reach out to


We believe that meaningful engagement of stakeholders is essential to any good initiative. Below is a list of engaged stakeholders. (Classification based on CTLI engagement framework and IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum) 

Our Promise: We will keep you informed about the project and decisions that are made.

  • LC Faculty 
  • LC Community
  • Centre Meetings
  • Learning Innovation Website

Our promise: We will consult with you to ensure your viewpoint is heard and considered when making decisions. We will communicate how this input and feedback influenced the decisions made. 


  • AD Council
  • Camp Horizon Champions
  • LC Faculty

Our promise: We will work directly with you to ensure your viewpoints and concerns are reflected in the decisions made. 


  • Associate Deans
  • Camp Horizon Champions
  • Media Specialists: TBD
  • CTLI Social Media
  • Buchanan Library
  • Digital Learning Team: Rebecca Helmer, Lorne Deimert, Lexi Schaerz, Melissa Reed Boogaart, Lyle Ruggles
  • Indigenous Services: Lowell Yellowhorn, Marni Hope
  • LC Studio
  • EDI Strategist: TBD
  • Accessibility Services

Our promise: We will partner directly with you throughout the project and decision making process. We will create joint solutions or recommendations. 


  • Project Lead: Jaddon Park
  • CTLI Core Planning Team: Leanne Vig, Jaddon Park, Lexi Schaerz, Melissa Reed Boogaart, Tatiana Kloster, Rebecca Helmer

Our promise: We will abide by the decisions you make.


  • Project Sponsor: Christie Robertson, Tatiana Kloster
  • Project Lead: Jaddon Park


We are committed to providing flexible, innovative and collaborative support for the success of diverse learners while advancing a culture of universal teaching and learning. If you have any questions or concerns about access to various sessions, parking, building layouts, or about obtaining information about Camp Horizon in alternative formats, or wish to request accommodations, please contact the Camp Horizon organizers at

Contact Us

Please reach out to the Camp Horizon organizers at


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