Activity: Rates and Non-Contact Force

Rates & Non-Contact Force


Students have the opportunity to experiment with two non-contact forces; gravity and magnetism. Students will learn about gravity, magnetism as well as magnetic and non-magnetic influences. Challenge students to identify which non-contact force is at play and why the magnet acts the way it does.

Featured Trade: Electrical (concept) and plumbing (materials)

Contributors: Mira Vanhala, Mark Iwaasa, Josh Hill, Warren Anderson

Concept: Non-contact force, magnetism, rate

Grade(s): 6 and 8

Time: 20-30 minutes

Curriculum Outcomes

Grade 6 Mathematics

Learning outcome: Students apply equivalence to the interpretation of ratios and rates.

Skills and procedures: Express a unit rate to represent a given rate, including unit price and speed.

Grade 8 Mathematics

GLO: Develop number sense.

SLO: Solve problems that involve rates, ratios and proportional reasoning.

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