Activity: Proving Pi

Proving Pi


Students have an opportunity to discover the constant pi by measuring the circumference and diameter of several wheels.

Featured Trade: Automotive Service Technician

Contributors: Brian Sorenson and Joelle Reynolds

Concepts: Circumference, constants, pi

Grade(s): 7

Time: 20 minutes

Accompanying Resources


  1. Establish context for learning by showing students the Trades Talks: Circumference video, illustrating how understanding circumference is important when working with vehicles
  2. Either take students to a setting with several vehicles that have tires of different sizes, or use the Lethbridge College Circumference learning kit to provide learners with access to tires of varying sizes.
  3. Provide learners with activity worksheet, and review instructions together. Learners will require a fabric measuring tape, a calculator and a pencil.
  4. Collect students to review findings at the end of the activity

Curriculum Outcomes

General Outcome: Use direct and indirect measurement to solve problems.

Specific Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of circles by:
    • describing the relationships among radius, diameter and circumference
    • relating circumference to pi
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