Activity: Lenz Law

Lenz Law


Students have the opportunity to experiment with induced current as a magnet moves though a non-magnetic metal.

Featured Trade: Electrical (concept) and plumbing (materials)

Contributors: Mark Iwaasa, Josh Hill, Mira Vanhala, Warren Anderson

Concept: Lenz Law; electricity and magnetism

Grade(s): Physics 30

Time: 20-30 minutes

Curriculum Outcomes

Physics 30

GLO: Students will explain how the properties of electric and magnetic fields are applied in numerous devices.

SO-STS: Explain that concepts, models and theories are often used in interpreting and explaining observations and in predicting future observations (NS6a).

Discuss, qualitatively, Lenz’s law in terms of conservation of energy, giving examples of situations in which Lenz’s law applies.

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